How to Study the Bible by Topic

The Bible can be completely overwhelming. It’s a big book and there is a lot of confusing stuff in there. Reading cover to cover or through the Bible chronologically is one way to tackle it, and there are a ton of plans out there to help with that. But what if there is a particular word, topic, or person you want to study? How do you go about that?That’s what I hope you help you with today.

Remember God is Your Father and You are His Beloved Child

I’ve been living as God’s slave instead of his child–just looking at my most recent history and habits that much is clear. I read my Bible for fear of missing some truth or direction God wants to give me. I go to church because that’s what good Christians do even when I am exhausted and what I really need is a day to just be alone and not do anything scheduled. I volunteer and fill my schedule with ministry opportunities because I feel like that’s what I’m supposed do. I’ve gone on mission trips, not because I felt called but because I thought I should.