Devoted Resources

Looking for some new resources to add to your Devoted time? This list includes all my favorites. Many of the links below are affiliate links, that just means that if you click and link and make a purchase, I'll receive a small commission from that company at no extra charge to you. It's just a small way that helps me be able to keep making resources to help you love God, love His story, and live Devoted. You can read more about it in our full disclosure.

Study Tools and Resources

My favorite tools for studying the Bible and learning how to do it

Bible study card set daily grace
finding the love of jesus book


Bibles I have used and loved in various translations


If you're looking for something to read daily that will help you engage your heart in Scripture

Bible Studies (Coming Soon!)

Best Bible studies to help you dig deep into God's Word

Spiritual Formation

Voices I respect on what it looks like to love God, love His story, and live Devoted

Sacred Rhythms

Journals (Coming Soon!)

Best journals for tracking your growth

Christian Living (Coming Soon!)

Things I use in my life that remind me to live devoted

Biblical Fiction (Coming Soon!)

Here are some great historical fiction books that breathe fresh life into familiar passages.