When Your Faith Needs a Refresh

I don’t know about you, but these last few months have taken a tole on my spiritual life. Any time life gets flipped on it’s side our faith is bound to be called into question, but this season of pandemic, protests, and prolonged time alone have been especially hard to face on the faith front.

Last week I ended up taking a break, stepping back from it all. I have a vacation planned in the near future, but at the pace I was going, I wasn’t going to make it. I needed to make some space for my soul to breath, as Emily P. Freeman says. So in the midst of taking a break, I made some intentional space to have an extended conversation with God.

It’s a practice that has slowly become part of my rhythm throughout the year. Usually around the time the weather is changing and ushering in the next season, I try to make space to reflect and refresh. I think about what’s working and what’s not, what I want to change and what I want to keep. I take a priority check to see if I’m actually investing my time and energy in what matters, and I check in with God to see if there are any new or different ways I can grow in my relationship with Him.

If your faith is feeling a little stretched right now and you’re looking for a way to refresh and revive it, I’ve got a few resources I usually pull out for this kind of thing that I wanted to share with you.

Refresh Resource #1: Powersheets

Powersheets is a goal planner that helps you uncover goals that matter to you and make actionable steps toward those goals. I’ve been using Powersheets for three years now and am a huge fan. What I like most about this resource is that before you ever set a single goal, there is a whole section that guides you through uncovering what matters to you right now in your season.

If you want to make some changes, but aren’t quite sure what needs to change or what matters, this is a great resource to dive into.


Refresh Resource #2: Write the Word Journals

Sometimes when we feel the need for a faith refresh, it’s because life has gotten too complicated or too busy. We’ve overwhelmed with our to-do list and underwhelmed with our time spent in God’s Word. When I get to that point, I take a break from my normal Devoted time and settle into something simple, and the Write the Word Journals are just that.

In this simple format, each journal has daily Scripture passages focused around a theme–like hope, faith, or contentment. Along with a passage, this journal also provides space to write out Scripture as well as blank space to write about whatever is on your heart. It’s the best kind of reading plan that invites you to engage in God’s Word instead of just checking off boxes.

If you want a simple reading plan to explore a specific topic, check out these journals.


Refresh Resource #3: Devoted Scripture Journal

The Devoted Scripture Journal was born out of a season when I needed a faith refresh. I was tired of feeling like faith was a tightrope I had to walk perfectly or I’d plummet out of God’s grace. As I asked God how I could reconnect with Him in new ways, I created a guided Scripture journal that provided a structure so that I could keep the discipline of daily Bible reading, but also left intentional space for me to connect with God at a heart level and build relationship with Him through His Word.

The other great thing about this journal is that it has a section before the daily pages to help you reflect on the season you’re in. These pages are especially great for a faith refresh. Wanna peak inside? Download the preview pages!

If you want to develop the discipline of Bible reading and meet God in a different way, check out this journal.

The need for a faith refresh is going to happen. There’s no shame there. It’s simply an opportunity to reassess what actually matters to you and find new ways to press into relationship with the Lord.

Do you have any resources you go to when you need a faith refresh?

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Live in His love!

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