God’s Crazy Big Promise (Expectations pt. 3)

Days, months, and maybe even years have passed since Abram’s trek through the land. He’s getting older. Perhaps the promise God made about descendants and land is starting to look a little blurred and distant, as if it were something from a dream. Lot has been gone for a while now, but they’ve seen each … Read more

God’s Expectations (Expectations pt. 2)

God's expectations

A lot of the expectations we have are pretty immediate. We expect things now. Our way, our timing–which usually doesn’t involve much of that hard waiting stuff.  Our expectations are also pretty selfish and temporal. We expect things for our own satisfaction, comfort, or pleasure. Of course, sometimes we expect bad things to happen too. … Read more

Abram’s Journey of Faith (Expectations pt. 1)

Expectations.They’ve been on my mind lately–how many have I had that haven’t even come close to reality, and what I’m supposed to do with them all?Should I even expect things? And if so, how do I expect without tying myself in knots and grasping for control.Hurumph….expectations.It’s been interesting reading Scripture lately with expectations on the … Read more