Jazmin N. Frank


Meet Jazmin

Hi, friend! I’m Jazmin with a “z” and no “e” because my parents are just that cool. One of my prayers since I was in high school is that I would forever be a child at heart--enjoying the little things and never forgetting how to play.

I spent the first twelve years of my life in Southern California, then when God called my family into ministry, we moved across country and settled in Kentucky. There have been a few moves since then, but Kentucky is my now and forever home.

When people ask what is most important to me, hands down the answer is relationships. Relationships matter deeply to me, so once you’re my friend, you’re kind of stuck with me. But the most important relationship is my relationship with Jesus.

He introduced himself to me when I was in elementary school and we’ve been buddies ever since. He’s my peace when anxiety tries to take hold, my comfort through more life transitions than I would have planned for myself, and my constant companion through seasons of loneliness. And boy has he got the best story!

Though many people view the Bible has old and outdated, I see it as God’s beautiful story, his love letter to show us what his heart is really like and to give us hope. His story is the one I keep coming back to no matter how many times I've read it before, and it's the one I want to spend my life sharing.

That’s why I created this space: for storytelling and bringing the Bible to life; for empowering and encouraging you to love God and love lis story.

Fun Facts

  • I still play on playgrounds.

  • Musicals are manna to my soul.

  • My top bucket list item: write a book (or seven).

  • I have a dog, Goldie. She is a daucshaund-terrier mix and literally the cutest pup on the face of the planet. I adore her!

  • Being in the kitchen is creative solace for me. I just hit play on a podcast and go to work with meal prepping and it is heaven for me.

  • I’m an introvert who loves people. It’s really easy for me to put off refueling my energy tank if I’m around people I love.

  • My name was inspired by the perfume my mom used to wear.

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