So You Want to Read Through the Bible this Year

Reading through the Bible is one goal many Christians add to their list for the new year, and it’s a good one. We talk a lot around here about how faith is about relationship. There is no better way to build relationship with the Lord than to get to know Him through His Word. But … Read more

Why Study the Names of Jesus

Rachelle Dekker wrote “Life is series of forgetting and remembering.” If you hang around me for any period of time you’ll probably hear me share those words because they are some of the most freeing I have ever encountered. They remind me that I’m not going to get it right the first time–or the twenty-first … Read more

Connecting with God in Your Busy Season

When we settle our focus on God, when we remember that this life isn’t just about accomplishing and achieving and doing, but being devoted to relationship with God, we’re able to breathe a little deeper. We’re able to unwind our identity from what we have to do and remember who we are.

We are children of God, and we have things to do, but those things don’t define us. God does.

You Can Trust God with Your Heart

I’m going to join a convent. My thumbs tapped out the declaration in a late night text message to a friend, a coded SOS that my heart was not in a great place. As I waited for her response, hoping she was still awake, I briefly thought about looking up the nearest convent on Google … Read more

How to Live a Beautifully Devoted Life

I’ve spent most of my life believing that Christianity is something you do. That in order to please God you have to be good enough. You have to follow the rules and meet with God every day in a certain way. And for years, that’s what I did. I paid attention to what other mature … Read more

How to Connect with God in Hard Seasons

Just a couple of weeks ago I was talking through some things with God. We were having a sort of DTR, and he told me something that caught me off guard: “Jazmin, I need you to stop determining how I pursue you and let me relate with you on my terms.” For most of my … Read more

Why You Can Stop Trying So Hard to Please God

It’s like a buzzing, this low grade anxiety that keeps my muscles tight and my brain spinning. My jaw tenses and sets slightly to the right, teeth clenched as the message that’s played through my brain for most of my life plays once again. You’re just not doing enough. You can do better. So I … Read more

4 Benefits of Writing Out God’s Word

**Some of the links below are affiliate links*, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Read my full disclosure here.** I’m always ready to try something new when it comes to studying the Bible and spending time in God’s Word. It’s a … Read more