5 Books to Give You Hope in Seasons of Grief

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3 Simple Soul Care Practices

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Writing God’s Word–A Spiritual Rhythm

Writing the Word is a simple rhythm that can breathe new life into your Bible study time, help you slow down and engage with God’s Word differently. In seasons when reading longer chapters of Scripture just isn’t doable, Writing the Words gives you space for bite-sized Bible study that can be just as rich and soul-filling as studying longer passages.

How to Prepare Your Heart for Easter

This is a special time in the Church calendar. It’s a time when we begin looking ahead and preparing our hearts for Easter. This time leading up to Easter is a season is known as the seasons of Lent. Lent is the period of time between Ash Wednesday and Resurrection Sunday where the Church sets … Read more

How to Wait Well During Advent

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A Timely Bible Study on Waiting

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5 Steps to Goal Setting with God

Devotion is all about letting Him into every aspect of our lives and enjoying relationship with Him.
One of the ways we can do that is by pursuing the things that He has hardwired us to care about.
Goal setting allows us to partner with God in the things we pursue and spend out time on.

Drawing Near to God in Seasons of Waiting

I feel like we’re in a perpetual season of waiting. We can blame the pandemic, I suppose. Ever since March we’ve been watching the news and waiting for the day when we can go about our normal lives again. I’m certain none of us–or at least very few of us–thought we’d still be waiting in … Read more

6 Books to Encourage You in Seasons of Waiting

Books take us to places we might never get to on our own. When we pick up a book we’re looking for something, whether that be answers, an escape, entertainment, or direction. I have experienced so many powerful moments with God in the pages of books. Fiction and nonfiction alike. Books give me the language … Read more

Devoted Living When Your Heart Is Hurting

Living devoted to God and His Word is easy when times are good. It is easy to be faithful, love God, and spend time reading the Bible when our hearts are light, our bank accounts steady, and our relationships are all intact. But what about those other seasons, the harder seasons? What about those times … Read more