Releasing Perfection & Grabbing Hold of Freedom

I am so concerned with doing things right. So afraid of messing up and screwing up God’s perfect plan. I’m so afraid of missing something or failing. So I reach for control. I grasp and scrape and wrap myself up in this box of expectations I tell myself I have to meet. Sometimes I even … Read more

Stop Trying So Hard to Please God

Dear Heart, I need you to do something for me. Take a deep breath. Now let it out. Relax! Have you forgotten that God is in control and that He loves you? Have your forgotten that He came and brought you freedom? So quit this tightrope act. Jesus came to give you life and life … Read more

Jesus Holds You Through It All

I have been looking for words for this post all week but every time they fell short. How can I explain everything that has gone on in the last week or two? There has been good and there has been bad, but it didn’t all fit together in a nice neat blog. Until today. Now, … Read more

Surrendering Expectations (Expectations pt. 7)

surrendering expectations

And the Lord did exactly what He had said.The year after He had visited Abraham and delivered the news that he and Sarah would have  a son, Sarah conceived and gave birth to a little boy (Genesis 21:2). Abraham circumcised the child as God had instructed, and he named him Isaac, which means laughter. Only … Read more

For Sarah Too (Expectations pt. 6)

for sarah too

Sweet Sarah. Darling princess of the Lord. You have no idea what is coming do you?For years your husband has come to you with joy and hope in his eyes. He shares excitedly about his encounters with God Almighty. You listen, you nod at the appropriate times, you even force a smile; but you can’t … Read more

But Wait…There’s More! (Expectations pt. 5)

Well here we are, just about halfway through this Abram study on expectations and most of our focus has been on expectations not being met. We dream and imagine how we think God’s plans might play out in our lives and then when they don’t, we’re disappointed. But right here is when the story starts … Read more

Sarai’s Plan to End Her Waiting (Expectations pt. 4)

Sarai's plan to end her waiting

I wonder how many decades Sarai held onto hope that someday she would get pregnant. How many times did she wake up after spending a night in her husband’s arms and wonder if maybe this time things would be different. I wonder how many times she had to face the hard reality that no matter … Read more

God’s Crazy Big Promise (Expectations pt. 3)

Days, months, and maybe even years have passed since Abram’s trek through the land. He’s getting older. Perhaps the promise God made about descendants and land is starting to look a little blurred and distant, as if it were something from a dream. Lot has been gone for a while now, but they’ve seen each … Read more

God’s Expectations (Expectations pt. 2)

God's expectations

A lot of the expectations we have are pretty immediate. We expect things now. Our way, our timing–which usually doesn’t involve much of that hard waiting stuff.  Our expectations are also pretty selfish and temporal. We expect things for our own satisfaction, comfort, or pleasure. Of course, sometimes we expect bad things to happen too. … Read more

Abram’s Journey of Faith (Expectations pt. 1)

Expectations.They’ve been on my mind lately–how many have I had that haven’t even come close to reality, and what I’m supposed to do with them all?Should I even expect things? And if so, how do I expect without tying myself in knots and grasping for control.Hurumph….expectations.It’s been interesting reading Scripture lately with expectations on the … Read more