Hope Whispers Strength

Hope Whispers Strength

Hope has been the annoying little sister who never quite gets the hint that I don’t want around. I’ve tried to get rid of her, ignore her, toss her aside, but it only makes me grumpy. And she just keeps coming back anyway. I’ve written many a blog post about how much of a dreamer … Read more

Knowing God and Taking Risks

Knowing God and Taking Risks

Paul writes in Philippians 3 that compared to knowing Jesus Christ as Lord, all else is rubbish—a big pile of smelly garbage. That’s a huge statement, one that can completely flip our world view upside down. We seek so much in this life—wealth, happiness, love, acceptance, material possessions, health, a good marriage, a nice house, … Read more

Crazy Dreamer (Beautiful Mess pt. 3)

crazy dreamer

Joseph’s brothers and father stood with wide, angry eyes. Some had their arms crossed. Some turned their backs at the ludicrousness of it all. “Are you indeed to reign over us?” one of his brothers asked furiously. Joseph smiled and shrugged. He wasn’t sure exactly what the dream about the bowing sheaves of wheat had … Read more

Resting and Dreaming

Resting and dreaming

When it comes to faith, Hannah is one of my heroes. She wasn’t called to leave her home like Abraham, nor was asked to fight a giant or lead a kingdom. Instead, she was a woman in the midst of a struggle who cried out to God and welcomed Him into her pain. I can … Read more

Do Brave Things

The Brave Thing

I’m almost done reading through the book of Acts. I’ve read it before, many times, but after Paul’s conversion I usually start losing interest. I get lot in all the missionary journeys and the arguments for faith in Christ. But this time through, was different. It’s held my attention longer than normal. In fact, I’ve … Read more

Standing on the Edge of Your Dream

Standing on the edge of your dream

What do you do when you feel like you’re on the edge of a dream? For four years I’ve worked on this project. Four years. Numerous edits and drafts and rewrites. And now, it looks like I really might be done. Last summer, after I graduated, I really started pursuing this writing thing. I dove … Read more

Daring to Dream the Crazy Impossible

dare to dream

We were in the car, driving slowly through a 25 mph stretch when the thought came to me, a quick and pleasant daydream, unlike many thoughts I’d had over the last several weeks. Dealing with the reality of a new job, an actual dream come true that hadn’t quite meet my expectations, didn’t leave much … Read more