Statement of Faith

The purpose of this site is to encourage you on life's journey. For this, I believe there is no better source of hope and encouragement than Jesus Christ. As such, this blog will promote Christian values and ideas. I am not a pastor, nor have I attended seminary, but I do have a love for the Lord and Scripture and with the help of the Holy Spirit, I do my best to accurately understand God's and share it with you.

Terms of Use

All of the written content on this site is my own unless otherwise stated. Content may not be copied or edited without my permission. I do know that when you find good content, you just can't help but share it. If you find something good here--a post, a resource, or an image--by all means share it! Just make sure you're acknowledging jazminnfrank.com in some manner.

Statement of Privacy

Any personal information collected on this site will be kept private. I promise not to spam you or send you anything discouraging. We're all about hope around here. Also, you may unsubscribe from my email list at any point.


Part of my goal for this website is to give you quality, God-centered material to give you hope for the journey. Part of this comes through creating quality blog posts and downloadable material. Another piece comes through recommended resources and materials that I believe are helpful and hope-giving (I am very selective about what I share here). Products and resources may appear from time to time on my blog or on my Recommended Resources page. I will receive commission for items purchased through those links. This helps offset the cost a little and allows me to bring you more hope-filled content for your journey.