Have you forgotten who Jesus is?

We humans forget so easily. We forget appointments, important tasks that need completed, and birthdays. We even forget who Jesus is and who we are in him.

And when we forget who Jesus is, we doubt his love and question whether he really cares about us. We begin to think that faith is about performance and that maybe if we do enough he will come through for us. But that’s not who our Jesus is.

He isn’t looking for our performance. He desires our love and devotion.

This 31 day study through the gospel of John invites you to remember who Jesus is by focusing on the names of Jesus.

The names of Jesus tell us plainly who he is. They show us how we can relate to him, what he has accomplished, and in some cases, the names of Jesus also define us. So in remembering who Jesus is, we also are reminded of who we are in him.

Let this be the season you remember the name that is above every name—the name of Jesus. And in remembering him may you come to trust him more than you ever have before.

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"Let this be the season you remember the name that is above every other name--the name of Jesus."


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What readers are saying

Jazmin's Name Above All Names Bible study is one that everyone needs to have in their hands! This study has enhanced my Bible study skills and I am so grateful! ~Brittany

In this study, Jazmin includes in depth scripture to read, explore, and study and that scripture paired with her insight and encouragement does a fantastic job of reminding us who Jesus really is! We constantly need that reminder of who our loving Savior is so we can live abundantly, help others grow, and give God the glory due His Name! One thing that stuck out to me in this study is that whether you’re studying these truths for the first time or for the one hundredth time, God always brings new truths to life and grabs our attention with His love! ~Megan

This study of John helps the reader understand more and more in each chapter just who Jesus is in an easy to read and personal manner. Each chapter reminds the reader of the purpose for the book of John and ties it into chapter topics offering helpful historical background and correlating Bible verses to extend the understanding. The questions that accompany each chapter are woven through each chapter to guide the reader and lead to a deeper understanding of Jesus and a challenge to deepen one's relationship with Him. ~Libby