In the Waiting: Drawing Near to God in Seasons of Wanting


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Waiting is something we either try to avoid or try to end as soon as possible. We have a hard time sitting in the tension of wanting, but not yet having. There are so many emotions, doubts, and questions in the waiting, and we’re not quite sure what to do with them. Often the waiting becomes a point of tension in our faith and our relationship with God. We blame Him for the waiting and wonder why He hasn’t come through yet. Waiting is isolating, and it challenges our belief in God’s goodness and faithfulness. But what if we that hard tension of waiting could become a catalyst for knowing God better? What if deeper intimacy with God could be birthed in the middle of our waiting seasons?

We’re all waiting for something—change, healing, freedom, connection, community, deliverance. We get to decide how we handle that waiting. Do we try to push through it or end it to get what we want? Or do we choose to enter into it honestly and vulnerably with God? Do we focus on getting that thing we’re waiting for, or do we seek to be near to God and know Him better, no matter the outcome of our desire?

In the Waiting is a 40 day journey through Scripture as we come alongside others who waited. Through their stories, we’ll learn how to wait well, what not to do while we wait, and most importantly, how to draw near to God in seasons of wanting.


As a women’s ministry leader, I struggle to find devotionals that are grounded in Scripture and pose insightful questions encouraging spiritual growth. Thankfully, In the Waiting: Drawing Near to God in Seasons of Wanting, does both! If you feel stuck in a season of waiting, join Jazmin on a journey through God’s Word, where you’ll discover how to refocus your heart and meet God in the waiting.


- Cyndee Ownbey, Author of Rethinking Women’s Ministry and founder of Women’s Ministry Toolbox

I have enjoyed Jazmin's writing for many years and this devotional reflects her faithful study and diligent application of God's Word. We all struggle with seasons of waiting, yet the Bible is filled with stories of God at work in the waiting. I am confident that you will be encouraged by this study of biblical characters, who were ministered to by God, as they learned to trust Him even when the blessing, or promise, was delayed. Forty days from now, you will have a fresh perspective and renewed hope that our God can use seasons of waiting in our life and circumstance for His glory.


-Sarah Koontz, Bible Study Author and founder of Living by Designs Ministries

Do you feel stuck and frustrated in your season of waiting? Jazmin Frank offers hope in the waiting. Through brief devotions that touch on many Bible stories, you'll find affirmation and practical tips to help you wait with greater faith.


-Sarah Geringer, speaker, blogger and author of Transforming Your Thought Life: Christian Meditation in Focus

Most of us are familiar with the struggle of wanting something to happen while waiting for God’s plan to unfold. This gap between what is and what will be is the focus of “In the Waiting.” In this study, Jazmin explores how we can be active in the present as we hope for the future by examining the stories of beloved Biblical characters. Through their lives we are reminded of God’s providence and challenged to trust Him no matter the timetable or answer He gives. Thank you Jazmin for extending the permission to want, but ultimately encouraging us to want Him most of all.

-Rachael Adams, host of the Love Offering Podcast

This book is such a great guide through times of waiting. Jazmin points you towards Christ every step of the way. It has been so crucial to me in my own time of waiting!

-Eva Kubasiak, creator of the Deep Dive Journal

About the Author

Jazmin N. Frank is an author, teacher, and speaker on all things Bible. With a focus on building relationship with God, Jazmin equips and encourages ordinary people to love God, love His story, and live devoted. She is the author of Name Above All Names: An Invitation to Remember Who Jesus Really Is and the creator of the Devoted Scripture Journal. Connect with Jazmin online @jazminnfrank or on her website