devoted: to be committed to
the pursuit of something; to be steadfast
and faithful.

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God never asked for our performance

He has always desired relationship. And relationship begins with devotion. Four ways to live the devoted life:

1. Be encouraged.

2. Join the community.

3. Gather your resources.

4. Declare your devotion.

  • 01.

    Be encouraged.

    Every week I send out a short devotional called Beautifully Devoted. It is your midweek pick-me-up to.


  • 02.

    Join the community.

    Gather with the Devoted Community for Bible study, teaching, and conversation. This community connects you with other men and women seeking to live devoted to God and His Word, and the best part is, we do this devoted life thing together. 


  • 03.

    Gather your resources.

    If you’re looking for some practical tools, tips, or resources to help you live devoted, here are some of my most popular resources:

Name Above All Names

Dig into the Gospel of John and the names of Jesus with this 31 day Bible study.

  • Free Resource Library: Download Bible studies, reading guides, Bible reading plans, and more
  • Recommended reads: some of my favorite books to grow your faith and draw you closer to God
  • #10daychallenge: revive your devotional life with new ideas to spend time with the Lord
  • The Blog: studies tools and tips to build your devoted life. Here are some popular posts:
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