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Love Reigns: A Christmas Poem

Love Reigns

I think the thing I’m coming to appreciate most about Christmas is that, Christmas never really ends. Christmas, Christ’s coming, is something we celebrate every day. It’s something that completely changes how we live. It’s something we remember, and something we anticipate.

As those truths sunk in this year, this poem came out. I don’t normally write poetry, but every once in a while a poem is the best vehicle to share my words.

May you seek to keep Christmas all the year!


It all started with a great Artist, the Creator of all

Who delicately and intricately spun the galaxies with just three words:

“Let there be…”

He spoke into existence Light and stars,

Ocean and wind,

Every plant and every creature.

For the grand finale, His great magnum opus

God made Man in His image

With the ability to create and the desire to be loved.

Life in the Garden was beautiful; everything at rest,

God and Humanity in perfect relationship.

That is, until man…wanted more.

We chose knowledge instead of relationship

Control instead of wholeness.

We reached out for what pleased our eyes

Only to bite straight into a bitter lie.

With just one taste, the world was flipped upside down

What was once perfect, now shattered.

Sin sent us into hiding from the One who knew us best

And He sent us out of paradise

So we wouldn’t have to spend eternity in our mess.

One would think the story should end right there

Humanity had turned away, yes;

But Love was determined to get us back.

Plan B came in the form of a man named Abraham

An old man with no children, and no hope of a legacy until God said,

“Go. Leave this place for one I will bless.”

Abraham stepped out in faith and believed the Lord would make good on His promise.

From Abraham came Isaac (a son of his own) and Jacob and Judah

All the way down to David, the mighty king of Israel.

This family had its screw ups and mess ups and faults,

Still David is known to this day as a man after God’s own heart.

David too received a promise and was brought into God’s great scheme,

For through his line a King would come

Whose reign would never cease.

Generations passed and God’s voice became silent.

Still the promise of Messiah hung on each heart

The world waiting

Until one day an angel finally spoke to the young girl Mary:

“God’s favor is upon you,

Do not be afraid for a child is coming,

One who deserves all the praise.

His name shall be Wonderful Counselor, Prince of peace

The Savior who will bring this entire world to its knees.”

Mary’s reply was simple and sincere,

“I am your servant,

Do with me as you please.”

For nine months the promise grew

All the prophecies coming true when finally

That cold night in Bethlehem under the brightly lit sky

A child was born, Jesus, the Christ.

Love Reigns

Shepherds heard the news first from the heavenly host who declared:

“Messiah is here! The savior has come!

Wrapped in old rags, this Child…He’s the One!”

The One. The King. Our God in flesh

Stepping into our mess so that He can save us from it.

From Adam to Amos, Moses to Malachi

God’s heart is made known.

So patient, So loving, So willing to pursue

He gave the greatest gift He could ever give that first Christmas.

He gave Himself.

Jesus Christ, the king of all kings abandoned the throne for this wondrous thing:

To live among his people, the ones whom He loves

To heal us, to bear witness to His father above

To save us from sin

To impart wisdom and fill hearts

To empower and strengthen

To proclaim the good news that once again

Love reigns.

Live in His love!

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