Just Stop: Dear Heart, I Think You Need to Hear This

Dear Heart Just StopDear Heart (and Brain, you might want to listen to this too!),

I need you to do something for me.

Take a deep breath.

Now let it out. Relax!

You have gotten yourself so tied up in knots lately. No wonder you’re tired. 

Have you forgotten that God is in control and that He loves you? Have your forgotten that He came and brought you freedom? So quit this tightrope act. Jesus came to give you life and life abundant, but you keep shoving yourself back in a prison cell.

In reality, it doesn’t matter what you do or when or how–not in the nit picky way you’re going about it. The only thing that matters is if you do it for the glory of God. And that is your desire. You want to please Him, and that’s why you try so hard.

But, dear heart, you need to know that all of this trying doesn’t make Him love you any more.

He loves you to the moon and back.

He loves you with arms stretched wide and nothing–repeat nothing–will change that.


So just stop.

Stop trying to please Him and prove yourself and make yourself feel good enough. This isn’t how you were made to live. Embrace the freedom He has given you. Be where you are and be okay with that. Acknowledge the hurt and let Him walk you through it. Dream big, God-sized dreams even when you get annoyed with people telling you to be realistic and when you get tired of waiting for them to happen.

Stop making yourself feel guilty by not doing enough. God has a funny way of putting you right where He wants you to be. Your calling and area of influence is different from every single other person on this planet so stop comparing. You do what the Lord gives you to do and enjoy it! His calling isn’t a chore or even something you can fully understand, so stop trying to wrap your brain around a lifetime of opportunities. He will lead you through all of it. But even more it was meant to be enjoyed. Life is but a breath. It goes quickly–you’ve already begun to realize that. So stop wasting your time trying to be perfect and simply accept God’s grace and life in this moment. And this one. And this one.

You are His beloved child. Dance, sing, cry, laugh, hurt, heal, dream, embrace, love, live. Just do life. Don’t second guess His blessings. Don’t heap shame upon yourself. Live freely. Abundantly. Love God and do what you want. Let go of the strict schedules and rules and the lists and the have to’s and the must do’s.

Enjoy riding in the mysterious waves of His grace. Let Him shower His love over you. Seek Him with your whole heart. Reach out as He gives opportunities. Let your roots grow deep in the relationships and places He has allowed you to be involved in. Let Him surprise you–and I promise He will–with opportunities and plans you never thought possible or ever would have considered. Listen to His still small voice leading, calming, and speaking love. Stop hiding or trying to deal with the pain and the hurt and the unfulfilled dreams; just give them to Him.

Let Him into the places of your heart and mind and soul that He already knows. Let Him in and watch Him work. All He wants–all He’s ever wanted–is for you to be with Him.

Just. Be. With. Him.

Stop this role of a busy hear-hostess trying to make the place presentable. He knows it’s a bit messy around here and He doesn’t mind. Admit those dreams in your hearts, those thoughts you keep pushing away because you don’t want to deal with them–the thoughts everyone else says to forget. Dream with Him. Dream big. Don’t think about how you’re going to get there. Just dream with Jesus and let Him make each step known in His time.

You’ve been tied up for too long. It’s time to let go. Just enjoy.

He sees.

He knows. And He is right here.

Let Him be here with you. He loves you so very much. You are precious to Him, cherished and treasured. He loves you more than you will ever comprehend. Live in that love. Live there and never ever leave. He’s got big things in store for you. And it isn’t because of anything you did to earn it. It’s because of who He is and who you are.

You are His beloved child and He wants the very best for you. He is the one who spit out the stars and churned up the waters and filled this beautiful place with life. Life abundant. He is the one holding you now. And He is the one to whom all glory is due.

So, deep breath.




God is in control and this is about Him, about His love, about relationship with Him and simply being. So stop trying. Just stop. Or you might miss out on the beauty of His presence right here, right now.

Just live in His love.

 Photo by Kara Frank

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