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Have an idea for a Bible study or resource?

Are you a writer with an idea for a Bible-related resource?

Are you a ministry leader struggling to find the just-right study for your next small group?

Are you an individual who wants to get into Scripture in a really specific way?

Got a great idea for a resource or Bible study for your people, but not sure how to get that idea off the ground?

Getting an idea off the ground is sometimes the greatest struggle, and sometimes what you need is someone to partner up with to bring that idea to life.

Whether you are looking for someone to walk you through the process of creating this resource, or if you're looking for someone to take your idea and create something for you, I can help.


Let's team up!

Hi there! Jazmin here! I'm a lover of words, Scripture and people, and anytime those three things come together, I'm one happy girl!

As a writer, I'm also an observer. Part of observing is taking time to notice where the gaps exist and what the needs are.

For a while my job was to help church and ministry leaders find resources to fit their needs and communities. Sometimes we found just the right thing. Other times they left our Christian bookstore still on the hunt.

That's when I had an idea. What if there was a service that help leaders and writers and the average Joe or Jane create the very curriculum or Bible study they wanted?

There is a lot of great material out there--several Bible studies, books, trainings, courses, and resources. But sometimes what you need is something created just for you and your people.

That's where I can help. I'll create a custom resource for you or coach you through the creation as you write it up yourself.

Packages Available

Single Lesson

Need a single lesson for your group? No worries! We can do the planning for you! In this package you'll receive:

-A single lesson created on the topic of your choice

-A lesson plan complete with an objective for the lesson, focus passage, key points to teach on

-A challenge or takeaway for your group to act on

30 min | $74

1 hr | $121

Participant Handout | $19

Leader Pack

Leading a weekly Bible study, but can't find the right resource for your group? We'll create that study you've been looking for:

-Lessons plans written for weekly group meetings

-Ice breakers

-Focus passage, main teaching points, and discussion questions

-A prayer or practice prompt to do as a group

4 week study | $152

6 week study | $227

8 week study | $303

Custom lengths available

Group Participant Guide

Want a daily Bible study guide for your people to dig into Scripture during the week? Create a guide that fits your group:

-Daily Scripture passage to read

-Reflection and application questions to dig deeper into the text

-Response prompt to live out Scripture

4 week study | $184

6 week study | $277

8 week study | $368

Need a different length of time? We can work something out.

Devotional Guide

Want to provide a short passage and reflective reading for your people to connect with God in a simple way? Let's create a devotional guide together. This package includes:

-Devotionals written around the topic, passage, or Book of the Bible you choose (around 300 words per day)

-A daily format with a focus verse or passage, a brief reflective thought, a response (this could be a prayer, question, or action)

10 days | $87

20 days | $147

30 days | $207

Need a specific number of days in your guide? We can make it work.

Mentor Me

Got a resource idea that you want to create yourself, but not sure how to do it? Trying to get a small group together but need help getting started? I'll lead you through the process. With a Mentor Me package you'll receive:

-A free consult call to meet and discuss your goals for mentoring

-5  1hr one-on-one sessions with me to talk brainstorming, outlining, planning, or content creation

-Email check-ins to help you meet your deadlines and overcome roadblocks

-One round of reviews for content, flow, and proofreading


Resource Review

Stuck with the resource you're creating? Want another set of eyes to review what you've made or help you polish it up? I'll take a look for you. Resource Review includes:

-An honest review of your resource and ideas to make it even better!

-One round of reviews for content, flow, and proofreading

$0.02 per word

What people are saying about this service

I work with the youth group of a small local church. I approached Jazmin to write a bible study curriculum for Lent for the youth group. The idea was that we would all fast together and study together. All of the youth LOVED the study! It was informative, Christ-centered, and do-able for all of the ages! It was helpful for the mentors and parents who participated too. I really appreciated how Jazmin worked with me to understand the situation of our particular group so that this bible study would be most effective. She was able to articulate and write out ideas that I had, but weren't fully formed. Jazmin is professional, talented, and most importantly, dedicated to Jesus-centered living and ministry.

~Stephanie, Associate Pastor and Youth Leader


Here's how I can help!

-Planning, Outlining, and Consulting: I can help you flesh out your idea, create an outline, and assist you in creating a workable deadline for you to finish your project

-Coaching: Let me walk with you through the process of creating your resource from idea to finished manuscript.

-Ghostwriting: Need someone to write the words for you? I'm all over it.

-Copywriting: Want some help writing up promotional or informational material for your study or resource? We'll flesh out the big ideas together and I'll create some snazzy copy for you to use

How it works

This is where you get to tell me all about what you want the resource you want to create, the topic or Scripture you want it to focus on, and who its for.

  • 02.

    Free consultation to talk details

After I've received your request with all of the details for your customized resource, we'll discuss your project and needs, either through email or a consult call.

If you're interested in receiving coaching to help you create your study, we'll set up a time to talk and figure out a plan.

  • 03.

    Approve the plan

Once the details are worked out, I'll write up a project proposal and send it to you. This proposal will include a proposed outline or notes about your resource, a quote for the price, and an estimate of when your resource can be completed.

  • 04.

    The work begins!

At this point you can approve the proposed study as is or request some changes. If changes are made I will submit a new proposal and outline for your approval. Once the plan gets a thumbs up from you and your 20% nonrefundable booking fee has been paid, I'll get to work!

  • 05.

    Receive your finished PDF study, download, and celebrate!

When the work is complete you'll get a happy email from me letting you know that your study/curriculum is ready and an invoice for the remaining balance of the project. Once full payment is received you will receive a second email with a PDF version of your study. Print it at home, share it digitally with your group, or take it to your local print store and have them make it into a booklet for you!

A note on design:

I write the content for your resource, but I do not do the graphic design work. If this is something you need, I have a company I have worked with and highly recommend. If you'd like more info, leave a note when you submit your form.

When you work with Jazmin you'll get:

Hope Writers | Conference
  • Someone who will listen and ask the right questions so that we can make this resource exactly what you want
  • A free consult call to iron out your idea (and so we can meet "in person" because that part of the fun of this kind of thing)
  • Coaching from an experienced Bible study writer and resource creator if you want to write the words yourself, but need someone to guide you through the process
  • Quality content designed specifically for your group or audience
  • Finished copy or a manuscript delivered as your final product to use as you please

A Note Pricing

Due to the customized nature of this service every project will be priced differently based on length of the study/curriculum, elements included, and deadline. However here are some things you can expect:

  • A 50% booking fee will be charged when the project contract is signed. This fee is nonrefundable.
  • If additional elements are requested after the approval of the initial outline, the additional cost will be added to the final bill.
  • When your PDF is ready I will send you an invoice with the final payment. The remaining balance will need to be paid before your completed PDF will be sent.
  • As of right now PayPal is the only way I accept payment. If you do not have an account set up you can easily do that for free here. Sign up for PayPal.

Ready to get started? Click the button and let's chat!

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