Let's create a custom Bible study or curriculum for your group!


Have a topic you want to study, but not sure where to start? Looking for something specific but not finding it on bookstore shelves? Want to give the gift of a personalized study? I can help!

Having worked at a Christian bookstore, led small groups, and shopped for Bible studies myself, I know what a task it can be to find just the right thing. You know what you want to study, but nothing quite seems right. It’s either too long, too short, doesn’t go deep enough, goes too deep, or involves too much reading or not enough study.

That’s why I’ve created this custom Bible study service.

My goal is to provide affordable and customized Bible study material. To keep costs down, design is minimal and the final product is a downloadable PDF that can be shared electronically with your group or printed at home or your local print store.

How it works

This is where you get to tell me all about what you want your study to be. Decide on the topic, length of the study, and pick which elements you want to include in your study.

Studies can take many different shapes. Some elements help you dig into Scripture better than others. Some work for your group and others don't. That's the beauty of building your own study--you get to put in what you want without feeling like you have wasted space!

Here are the elements that are available for you:

Daily Study Pages

This is where the bulk of personal study takes place. Daily pages include the scripture reference for that day's reading assignment and a short devo/teaching on the passage.

Weekly Group Pages

You can choose to include one weekly group page per week for the duration of your study. This page is meant to be worked through during small group or Sunday School together. It includes a passage for reading and questions for discussion.

Question Prompts

Add discussion/reflective question prompts to your study. These help you move beyond just reading passively to begin studying Scripture and applying it to your life.

Action Steps

Pair your study with action with brief prompts to help participants live out what they read that day in Scripture.

Prayer Prompts

Want to grow your prayer life? Add prayer prompts to your study to guide you pray specifically about what you read/learned that day.

Leader Helps

Will you be the one leading this study? This element will give you ice breakers, session starters, guidance on how to prepare, and extra resources you may find helpful in leading your group. (Note: This is delivered as a separate document from the study materials).

  • 02.

    Free consultation to talk details

After I've received your request with all of the details for your custom study, we'll schedule a call to further iron out the details and what you want. After our conversation, I will create an outline, a quote for the cost, and an estimate of when your study can be completed.

  • 03.

    The work begins!

At this point you can approve the proposed study as is or request some changes. If changes are made I will submit a new proposal and outline to you for approval. Once the plan gets a thumbs up from you and your 20% nonrefundable booking fee has been paid, I'll get to work!

  • 04.

    Receive your finished PDF study, download, and celebrate!

When the work is complete you'll get a happy email from me letting you know that your study/curriculum is ready and an invoice for the remaining balance of the project. Once full payment is received you will receive a second email with a PDF version of your study. Print it at home, share it digitally with your group, or take it to your local print store and have them make it into a booklet for you!


Due to the customized nature of this service every project will be priced differently based on length of the study/curriculum, elements included, and deadline. However here are some things you can expect:

  • A 20% booking fee will be charged upon approval of the outline and before I begin the work. This fee is nonrefundable.
  • If additional elements are requested after the approval of the initial outline, the additional cost will be added to the final bill.
  • When your PDF is ready I will send you an invoice with the final payment. The remaining balance will need to be paid before your completed PDF will be sent.
  • As of right now PayPal is the only way I accept payment. If you do not have an account set up you can easily do that for free here. Sign up for PayPal.

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