Telling My Story: How I Met Jesus

Telling my story

Nearly five years ago I published my first blog post. It was short and simple, celebrating God’s faithfulness in not only affirming this desire to write for His glory, but also in giving me an avenue to write for an audience. For five years I’ve written about whatever the Lord placed on my heart being … Read more

Love Reigns: A Christmas Poem

Love Reigns

I think the thing I’m coming to appreciate most about Christmas is that, Christmas never really ends. Christmas, Christ’s coming, is something we celebrate every day. It’s something that completely changes how we live. It’s something we remember, and something we anticipate. As those truths sunk in this year, this poem came out. I don’t … Read more

Faith in the Ordinary Tasks

Noah's Faith

The more I get into Genesis, the more I realize that this is God’s story. Other people are woven in and out of each chapter, but God is the constant… Last week, when we left off, Cain, son of Adam and Eve, had just murdered his brother and was exiled. He now wanders the land, … Read more

Showing Them the Light

Showing Them the Light

“This is the kind of stuff we like,” one of my students commented. “We don’t want anything about this little piggy or little Miss Muffet. We like the dark stuff.” We’ve been reading an article about censorship this week as we work toward writing our own argumentative essays. We’d already looked at the side of … Read more