Seeking Approval and Knowing You Are Loved

seeking approval

Another couple of weeks and we’ll have gone through the entire book of Genesis! Can I hear a “Woot, woot!”? Seriously, though, I have enjoyed this study so much. I’ve caught details and made connections I haven’t before, and I’ve developed an even greater love for these stories of humanity’s beginning and God’s endless love. … Read more

That Same Old Wound

That Same Old Wound

Dear Heart, You’ve been feeling it again, haven’t you? That same old wound still pulsing. You try to bury it. How many hours have you spent praying, writing it in your journal, talking about this hurt? How many times have you just tried to stuff it recently because you’re just plain sick and tired of … Read more

Confessions of a Perfectionist

Confessions of a perfectionist

Hello, my name is Jazmin and I’m afraid of failure. I’m not sure I realized just how true that confession is until I started teaching. As a first year teacher, my weaknesses and moments of not getting it just right seem to out number those days I feel like I’ve done enough. Tuesday was my … Read more