God’s Provision: More than Enough

More than enough

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. ~Philippians 4:19 (ESV) Based on John 6:1-15 (CSB) As Philip looked out over the landscape, everywhere his eye fell, all he could see were people. Probably thousands of them, stretched out in this large mass, everyone having … Read more

Great Grace: A Story of Restoration

great grace

**One of the things I love most about studying the Bible is letting my imagination fill in the gaps as people encountered the Lord. Their emotions, their struggle, their journey to believing. With Easter just hours away, I wanted to look at how people were affected by the resurrection. What would it have been like … Read more

Telling My Story: How I Met Jesus

Telling my story

Nearly five years ago I published my first blog post. It was short and simple, celebrating God’s faithfulness in not only affirming this desire to write for His glory, but also in giving me an avenue to write for an audience. For five years I’ve written about whatever the Lord placed on my heart being … Read more

Love Reigns: A Christmas Poem

Love Reigns

I think the thing I’m coming to appreciate most about Christmas is that, Christmas never really ends. Christmas, Christ’s coming, is something we celebrate every day. It’s something that completely changes how we live. It’s something we remember, and something we anticipate. As those truths sunk in this year, this poem came out. I don’t … Read more

He Came For Love

He came for love

I can’t stop thinking about that first Christmas. I keep picturing the scene—Mary kneeling beside her child, smiling. Joseph with a protective hand on his wife’s shoulder. The animals gathered around, calm and quiet. The shepherds standing outside the tiny stable. The Magi kneeling with gifts. Such a serene image.  But I doubt it actually … Read more