Sometimes It Just Plain Hurts

Sometimes it just plain hurts

“So how’s your heart?” The question came from a dear friend. Our conversation was nearly over, but it had been quiet on my end. I shared surface news and a few deeper things, but I hadn’t dived into the depths of my heart as was normal with our conversations. I just didn’t want to. I … Read more

Dear Heart, About My Ring

dear heart, about my ring

Dear Heart, You asked me yesterday if I have a boyfriend. It’s a question I’ve gotten quite frequently since I’ve started working in a middle school. I told you no and your eyes fell to my left hand. “Then what’s that ring for?” I told you that it was a purity ring, but you didn’t … Read more

Daring to Dream the Crazy Impossible

dare to dream

We were in the car, driving slowly through a 25 mph stretch when the thought came to me, a quick and pleasant daydream, unlike many thoughts I’d had over the last several weeks. Dealing with the reality of a new job, an actual dream come true that hadn’t quite meet my expectations, didn’t leave much … Read more

Give Yourself Permission to Dream

Permission to dream

“So, I’m sitting at Arby’s right now and David’s Bridal is right across the parking lot. I’m tempted to go inside and dream a little.” “You should do it!” My friend’s enthusiastic reply came through the earpiece of my phone while I crunched on some curly fries. My eyes shifted out the window to the … Read more

The Blessing of Painful Moments

The blessing of painful moments

Senior year is ending. Graduation is looming. In this process of packing up my dorm room and helping tear down residence hall decorations, I think I’m finally allowing myself to accept that things are changing. It’s therapeutic in a way, all this packing. Now graduating isn’t some far off abstract; it’s a celebration that is … Read more

Let God Pursue You (Pursuit pt. 1)

The One About Pursuit

I am my beloved’s, and his desire is for me. ~Song of Solomon 7:10 I was fourteen when I asked God to write my love story. I’d spent my middle school and early high school years looking around and seeing so many girls date around and leave relationships with broken hearts, and I was convinced … Read more