Dear Graduate

Dear Graduate

Can you believe it’s here already?! Graduation day. The papers have been turned in. The projects presented. The tests completed. The internships lined up. The dorm room or apartment cleaned out and packed up. For the last four years you have poured yourself into this place…and now it’s time to say goodbye. It’s such a … Read more

Do Brave Things

The Brave Thing

I’m almost done reading through the book of Acts. I’ve read it before, many times, but after Paul’s conversion I usually start losing interest. I get lot in all the missionary journeys and the arguments for faith in Christ. But this time through, was different. It’s held my attention longer than normal. In fact, I’ve … Read more

Standing on the Edge of Your Dream

Standing on the edge of your dream

What do you do when you feel like you’re on the edge of a dream? For four years I’ve worked on this project. Four years. Numerous edits and drafts and rewrites. And now, it looks like I really might be done. Last summer, after I graduated, I really started pursuing this writing thing. I dove … Read more

Celebrate How Far You’ve Come

celebrating how far you've come

With graduation drawing near, that reflective part of me has started looking back–back to the time when little freshman me walked onto a not-so-huge university campus. I’ve been thinking about what I’ve learned these last four years and I’ve been encouraged by the realization that I have indeed grown. I’m not the same person I … Read more