Hope Whispers Strength

Hope Whispers Strength

Hope has been the annoying little sister who never quite gets the hint that I don’t want around. I’ve tried to get rid of her, ignore her, toss her aside, but it only makes me grumpy. And she just keeps coming back anyway. I’ve written many a blog post about how much of a dreamer … Read more

God is Faithful

God is faithful

Last week we looked at God’s ways and how they really don’t match up with ours. He has a weird way of doing things that goes against what we understand or expect. A city was brought down by an army marching around it and blowing trumpets. A prostitute was used as a way to protect … Read more

Hope Does Not Disappoint

hope does not disappoint

Hope is a funny thing, isn’t it? It’s one of those words that’s often hard to define, yet we use it so frequently. Hope is a feeling of expectation that something will happen or a feeling of trust. We often connect hope with something in the future. But God’s been challenging me lately with the … Read more