Q&A: The Goodness of God

Q&A Goodness of God

**This study is an invitation to talk about those hard questions our hearts have trouble asking. Is God good? Is He really in control of everything? Is He here? Is He really my priority? Through this study, I hope you gain some wisdom, but even more, gain the courage to ask God the hard questions … Read more

The One About Purity

The One About Purity

“Jazmin, are you married?” I felt my cheeks flush. “Uh, no…” “Oh, I saw your ring and I just thought…” This bad boy has been hugging my ring finger since I was fourteen. I had signed the True Love Waits pledge months earlier and finally got around to purchasing my sterling silver reminder. In high … Read more

God is Faithful

God is faithful

Last week we looked at God’s ways and how they really don’t match up with ours. He has a weird way of doing things that goes against what we understand or expect. A city was brought down by an army marching around it and blowing trumpets. A prostitute was used as a way to protect … Read more

He Came For Love

He came for love

I can’t stop thinking about that first Christmas. I keep picturing the scene—Mary kneeling beside her child, smiling. Joseph with a protective hand on his wife’s shoulder. The animals gathered around, calm and quiet. The shepherds standing outside the tiny stable. The Magi kneeling with gifts. Such a serene image.  But I doubt it actually … Read more