Give Yourself Permission to Dream

Permission to dream

“So, I’m sitting at Arby’s right now and David’s Bridal is right across the parking lot. I’m tempted to go inside and dream a little.” “You should do it!” My friend’s enthusiastic reply came through the earpiece of my phone while I crunched on some curly fries. My eyes shifted out the window to the … Read more

Looking Up & Dreaming

This week has been hard. Too many emotions. Too much struggle and fear and unexpected hiccups that have left me wondering about the future. I had such a nice little plan, and I thought it lined up with what God has been telling me these last few years. But it seems God saw fit to … Read more

Let God Pursue You (Pursuit pt. 1)

The One About Pursuit

I am my beloved’s, and his desire is for me. ~Song of Solomon 7:10 I was fourteen when I asked God to write my love story. I’d spent my middle school and early high school years looking around and seeing so many girls date around and leave relationships with broken hearts, and I was convinced … Read more