Q&A: The Goodness of God

Q&A Goodness of God

**This study is an invitation to talk about those hard questions our hearts have trouble asking. Is God good? Is He really in control of everything? Is He here? Is He really my priority? Through this study, I hope you gain some wisdom, but even more, gain the courage to ask God the hard questions … Read more

Great Grace: A Story of Restoration

great grace

**One of the things I love most about studying the Bible is letting my imagination fill in the gaps as people encountered the Lord. Their emotions, their struggle, their journey to believing. With Easter just hours away, I wanted to look at how people were affected by the resurrection. What would it have been like … Read more

Love Search

Love Search

Over Christmas break I discovered Lynn Austin’s Restoration Chronicles series, and I fell in love. The series followed some of the minor prophets in the Old Testament as Israel slowly returned from exile in Babylon and rebuilt Jerusalem. I’ve always been a fan of stories, and I love scripture. Put them together, as Austin did … Read more

Seeking Approval and Knowing You Are Loved

seeking approval

Another couple of weeks and we’ll have gone through the entire book of Genesis! Can I hear a “Woot, woot!”? Seriously, though, I have enjoyed this study so much. I’ve caught details and made connections I haven’t before, and I’ve developed an even greater love for these stories of humanity’s beginning and God’s endless love. … Read more

Faith in the Ordinary Tasks

Noah's Faith

The more I get into Genesis, the more I realize that this is God’s story. Other people are woven in and out of each chapter, but God is the constant… Last week, when we left off, Cain, son of Adam and Eve, had just murdered his brother and was exiled. He now wanders the land, … Read more

Crazy Dreamer (Beautiful Mess pt. 3)

crazy dreamer

Joseph’s brothers and father stood with wide, angry eyes. Some had their arms crossed. Some turned their backs at the ludicrousness of it all. “Are you indeed to reign over us?” one of his brothers asked furiously. Joseph smiled and shrugged. He wasn’t sure exactly what the dream about the bowing sheaves of wheat had … Read more